Aaron Watson is featured in a BBC television series

Earlier this year, Aaron Watson visited a prehistoric site in western Scotland, accompanied by television presenter Paul Murton and a film crew. Aaron had been invited to contribute to the new series of Grand Tours of Scotland's Lochs to talk about ancient rock art at Cairnbaan, in Kilmartin Glen.


Above: The abstract rock carvings at Cairnbaan (Photo: Aaron Watson)


After introducing the site to Paul, Aaron outlined an interpretation of these abstract carvings, which are found widely across the north and west of Britain. They date to the Neolithic or Early Bronze Age, and there have been over a hundred suggestions for what they might mean.


Above: Aaron Watson discussing prehistoric rock art with presenter Paul Murton.


Aaron welcomed the opportunity to communicate archaeological interpretations of rock art to a general audience, and has been involved with many television and radio projects.

The first episode of Grand Tours of Scotland's Lochs was broadcast this week on BBC HD and BBC Scotland, and is available for 29 days on the BBC’s iPlayer for anyone with a TV license within the UK. Please click on the following link to visit the iPlayer website:


Aaron Watson