A move to Kilmartin Museum in Argyll

At the end of 2018, Aaron Watson took on a post at Kilmartin Museum which seeks to raise the profile of the Museum's Collections and the archaeology of Kilmartin Glen as a whole.

Monumental, and Aaron in particular, have collaborated with Kilmartin Museum for many years providing illustrations, photography, films and installations. During 2017, in support of the Museum’s Redevelopment Project, Aaron acted as Curatorial Advisor developing themes and interpretations which contributed to a Heritage Lottery Fund Round 2 application. In his new role, Aaron continues to contribute towards the ongoing preparations for Redevelopment.


Above: A prehistoric rock art site near Kilmartin (Photo: Aaron Watson)


Alongside his role at Monumental, Aaron is a specialist in the Neolithic and Bronze Age and has written extensively about experiencing prehistoric monuments and landscapes. He has excavated rock art sites in the Kilmartin area and is a co-author of An Animate Landscape: Rock Art and the Prehistory of Kilmartin. For more information about his research visit: www.aaronwatson.co.uk

To learn more about how Kilmartin Museum’s redevelopment will provide a hub within the ancient landscapes and monuments of Argyle visit: http://www.kilmartin.org/redevelopment

Aaron Watson