Kilmartin redevelopment moves forward


After a tense wait since the last update about this project, we are really pleased to announce that Kilmartin Museum has received a confirmed grant of £3.2 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). Dr Sharon Webb, the Museum's Curator said, “We’re absolutely delighted after years of dedicated work on the part of the Museum staff and volunteer Trustees, that thanks to National Lottery players, we’ve received this support. The award means we’ve nearly reached our fundraising target (£6.7million), bringing the implementation of the project that much closer."

As an academic and specialist in Neolithic and Bronze Age archaeology, Aaron Watson has been working at a strategic level as Curatorial Advisor with project partners, including Reiach and Hall Architects and exhibition designers Bright 3D.

The project aims to transform Kilmartin Museum into a landmark venue that interprets and celebrates the global significance of Kilmartin Glen, one of the most outstanding archaeological landscapes in Britain. As well as becoming a cultural and natural tourism centre, completion of the project will enable the Museum to be able to care for its collection of artefacts, some of which are of international importance.

For more information about Aaron's academic role and consultancy, please visit his research website 

Image copyright- Reiach and Hall


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