The Partners

Creative Director

Dr Aaron Watson-
Aaron completed his doctorate in 2000 during which time he began to consider the relationship between archaeological fieldwork and interpretation. This led to a series of reflexive approaches to the gathering and communication of ideas, including experimental publications, audiovisual works and the integration of creative methodologies within traditional practice. He then founded Monumental, a research organization and consultancy which offers innovative approaches to visualization, film, and design across academia and the heritage industry. A variety of projects followed, ranging from community archaeology in Cumbria, art installations in Argyll to curatorial advice and project masterplanning.

He has gained international recognition for converging archaeological research, heritage presentation and artistic practice and has been invited to present research papers and exhibit his work in the UK, Europe and the USA. He has also appeared in a number of radio and TV archaeological documentaries.

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Design Director

Steve Keeling-
Steve has industry wide design experience and provides strategic planning and design development for larger projects. He has run his own design practice for many years working for large international companies and a range of smaller businesses across the UK. He was a Business Link approved (design) consultant 2000 - 2011, and has won a number of awards for architectural, interior and graphic design solutions. His knowledge of display technology, lighting, building trades and manufacturing processes etc. provide greater scope for Monumental's creative direction.

He has been collaborating with Monumental since 2007, became a partner in 2016 and now manages the design and implementation of projects.

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Monumental aim to find the best methods to tell our clients' story. When we don't have specific in-house resources we work with a range of creative specialists and technical service providers to extend our options. In these cases we provide art direction to ensure the outcome is consistent with a project's brief.