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Creative Director

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Dr Aaron Watson-
Aaron founded Monumental in 2002, initially as a research organization. Since completing a doctorate in landscape archaeology at the University of Reading in 2000 he has continued to explore how the means by which the past is communicated can directly impact upon its interpretation. This has been informed by a series of research projects, including award winning investigations into the acoustics of Stonehenge and other ancient buildings. Today, he continues to develop innovative approaches to film, photography and animation and has gained international recognition for converging archaeological research, heritage presentation and artistic practice.

Aaron has been invited to present research papers and exhibit his work in the UK, Europe and the USA and has appeared on radio and TV in many archaeological documentaries. To learn more about Aaron click his Timeline >


Design Director

Steve Keeling-
Steve has industry wide design experience and provides strategic planning and design development for larger projects. He has run his own design practice for many years working for BP, ABB, UKAEA, Croda International and a range of businesses across the UK. He was a Business Link approved (design) consultant 2000 - 2011, and has won a number of awards for architectural, interior and graphic design solutions. His space planning, construction drawings, knowledge of display technology, lighting, building trades and manufacturing processes etc. provide greater scope for Monumental's creative output. He has been working with Monumental since 2007 and has handled the design, development and installation of exhibitions and site specific projects for a number of clients. To learn more about Steve's work click here >


Sound Designer

Dr John Was-
John has many years of experience in acoustic and audio visual installations, traditional acoustic and computer-based music creation and performance. He has created music, audio effects and sound design compositions for film and AV soundtracks. Academic research on emotive audio experience and human interaction forms a background to his work. To learn more about John's work click here >

john Was

Digital Modeller & Visualiser

Dr Alice Watterson-
Alice completed her PhD in digital visualisation for archaeology at the Glasgow School of Art’s Digital Design Studio. Her research examined the use of digital reconstruction as an interpretive tool for archaeology, focussing in particular on blending digital data capture with creative practice to generate original interpretive content for heritage outreach. She has a wide range of skills within the remit of archaeological visualisation including hand drawn technical illustration, digital data capture and processing, 3D modelling, animation and film-making. To learn more about Alice's work click here >

Animator & Aerial Photographer 

Kieran Baxter-
Kieran is a creative practitioner with expertise in low altitude aerial photography and animation. He has worked on projects in Orkney and Kilmartin Glen, and was commissioned to produce an interpretative animated film which is on permanent display at the Jarlshof visitor centre in Shetland. He is presently conducting doctoral research into the role of aerial visualisations in heritage, having completed a degree in Animation & Electronic Media at the University of Dundee. To learn more about Kieran's work click here >