An interview with BBC Radio 4 on Ben Lawers, a mountain in southern Scotland

Between 2007 and 2010, Aaron Watson co-directed a series of archaeological excavations at rock art sites on the Ben Lawers Estate in Perthshire. The results suggested some fresh interpretations of the abstract carvings known as cup and ring marks, which date to the Neolithic.

Earlier this week, Aaron was asked by BBC Radio 4 to convey some of these results for the popular programme Open Country. The interview, with presenter Helen Mark, was conducted at a cup and ring marked boulder over five hundred metres up on the slopes of Ben Lawers, with panoramic views across Loch Tay.

Also present was Andrew Warwick, a Senior Ranger with the National Trust for Scotland, who described the remarkable remains of post-medieval sheilings.

A cup and ring marked boulder on Ben Lawers, photographed during excavations in 2010, with Loch Tay below (Photo: Aaron Watson)
From left: Thumper the dog, Helen Mark, Aaron Watson, and Andrew Warwick take a break from recording on Ben Lawers (Photo: Mark Smalley)

This episode of Open Country will also feature the Scottish Crannog Centre at Kenmore, and is to be broadcast on Thursday 20th July at 15.00 and Saturday 22nd July at 06.00.

The programme was produced by Mark Smalley. Many thanks to Mark for allowing us to feature one of his photos.

Aaron Watson