Tintagel Castle, Cornwall

We have recently completed commissions for English Heritage which are used in their new exhibition at Tintagel Castle, Cornwall, south west England. The two reconstructions feature Tintagel Island, one image is set in the 5th Century AD and shows a settlement and land bridge that connected the island to the mainland that has since collapsed. The other set c.1260 AD, features the castle constructed by Earl Richard of Cornwall for which the site is best known.

Both images use photogrammetry supplied by English Heritage which was re-modelled and textured by Kieran Baxter. Medieval houses and palisades were modelled by Alice Watterson. Environmental modelling, additional texturing, lighting, characters, scene composition and creative direcition by Aaron Watson. Both images help to explain and visualise the importance of this site and its trade connections with other countries in Europe and around the Mediterranean. 

The new exhibition and visitor centre was opened to the public on the 15th July 2015.

Commissioned by English Heritage. 

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