Challenge the past!

Extract from the Proceedings re. Alice's talk at the digital archaeology session-

Archaeology is a visually rich discipline with a long history of utilising images across a variety of contexts within its practice. However, due to the often unavoidably subjective nature of visual interpretation, fundamental issues with its application remain problematic and largely unresolved. Furthermore, in recent years the rising dominance of digital techniques for archaeological three dimensional surveys and interpretive visualisation has resulted in a rapid uptake of emerging technologies without adequate assessment of their impact on the interpretive process and practitioner engagement.

Using a series of case studies from Neolithic Orkney and beyond this research initiates a practical solution to some of these recurring issues by developing a methodology which more accurately reflects the multi-layered, interpretive and ambiguous processes involved in archaeological interpretation. Through the observation, exploration and collaboration of various techniques and approaches to visualising the archaeological record this research moves the current debate forward by challenging common preconceptions and assumptions associated with ‘reconstruction’. The overall aim is to further understand and develop its role within active research practice, establishing where and how it may sit within a broader academic framework.