Moving Image

We develop a narrative, bring your story or message to life and in a context appropriate for the target audience. We create content via on-site filming, studio based recording, animation, 3D reconstruction, image manipulation and sound design. Throughout the process we collaborate and provide feedback.

Productions have been commissioned for public outreach, screening in commercial venues, fundraising, research projects, education and delivery via the internet. As part of our general philosophy, we explore the best ways to provide the delivery environment and, when required, design and install auditorium, display housings and multi-screen based exhibitions.


Raising awareness of Kilmartin Glen's archaeological importance as part of the fundraising bid for Kilmartin Museum's development.
Highlighting the Rivers Trust successful restoration work in Cumbria. 
An educational story about the life (and death) of a teenager sent to become an apprentice in Medieval England.
An introductory trailer to the Dalriada project fieldwork and excavation findings exhibition at Kilmartin Museum.
A work in progress, exploring methods of archaeological visualisation, factual representation and interpretation, linking present day to the imagined past through creative storytelling. Supported by Historic Scotland
A narrated virtual cavern tour for visitors who are not able to take the tour themselves. The film is on permanent show in a purpose built auditorium at the Heights of Abraham, Derbyshire.
A sequence of five films telling the extraordinary journey of a Neolithic stone axe; from its creation high in the mountains of the Lake District to eventual deposition in the waters of the River Eden. Commissioned by Penrith and Eden Museum, Cumbria, and on permanent display.
This film portrays the fieldwork process and interpretative findings within the Palaeolithic caves of Cantabria, northern Spain. The project explores the relationship between acoustics and painted and carved images deep within the caves, and features a soundtrack by Rupert Till that features ancient instruments . Commissioned by the University of Huddersfield.